150 Ltr Batch Booster Skid


House Softwash, Roof Wash Unit. Pre Treatment Unit

Looking to add softwash to your existing operation. Here is a simple Batch Softwash System

2 Skid Options to choose from. Both with the reliable Gould Inline Booster Pump, Titan Reel and 150 L Bulk tank.

Spray and Rinse with the one hose. Wash up to 3 stories, Roof washing, House washing, Flat-work pre-treatment option.


This simple Spray and Rinse system gives you all the advantages of the 240 V Booster Pump. A complete washing machine like nothing else on the market today.

No more 12V failures, Apply up to 3 story high and boost your town mains for the most powerful softwash rinse available.

Matched with the Titan 12 Inch SS reel, 150 Litre batch tank, 75M Kurri Tech softwash hose, Chem resistant hand piece and JRod  all built on a sturdy skid.


2 Skid Options available 1200 c 800 or 1000 x 1000.