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Our Mission

Softwash Australia is determined to see “Softwashing” emerge as a stand alone process.

Not satisfied with being part or another process, we want to develop and provide the skills, equipment, products and techniques required to deliver excellent service in Softwashing.

Our Vision

Is to be the resource required for the industry to emerge as a stand alone service within the Exterior Cleaning Arena.

To provide the tools, equipment, products, training and support for anyone wishing to learn more or further develop their Softwashing business or service

Your Training Starts Here! Below will be all the information you will need to run a Softwash business.

Softwashing - What is it.

Providing a service to any client comes with great responsibility. Fully understand what you are doing is the first step to providing great service.

Allow Softwash Australia to provide through hands on and theoretical practice a thorough breakdown of Softwashing.

Complete the inquiry form and our staff will be in touch to assist you on your journey to service excellence.

Contact Number on my Truck

We all have a vision of our business in the perfect world. Finding the look and feel of our business can sometimes be a little harder.

Helping you find your voice and making it heard is something we love to do. Be the loudest guy in the room. Oh! Dont forget the phone number.


Never before has the job of marketing your business been so confusing. There are so many options from Social Media, SEO and Add Words campaigns, more traditional media methods and good old door knocking.

It all works, but what works best for you is what you need to work out. Let us assist you get on the right path for you.

Softwash Branding

Successfully completing our Full day Training program will have you Softwash Australia Accredited.


We provide you with 2 450 mm logos for your vehicle. You are now part of the growing team of Accredited Softwash Operators

Chemical Training

Raising the chemical energy in any process is a skilled art. It starts with a thorough understanding of the solutions we are creating.

Providing you with specific processes and  guidelines for simple house washing to more serious roof treatments is included in our Full Day Training Program.

Complete your enquiry contact form to learn more.



Social Media

Utilizing Social Media is almost mandatory in today’s business world. Whether its just showing off our latest achievement or driving an add campaign to attract more clients you need to be on Social Media

Face Book,LinkedIn and Instagram are the go too now. Whats next, who’s trending and what does it all mean?

Softwash 101. This is what its about

Low Pressure High Volume application and rinse.

Training Video 1

Shade sails are notorious for holding mould and dirts. heres how to softwash

Training Video 2

Softwashing on a painted timber clad house. Watch the surfactant and sanitizing solution remove years of organic staining and dirts.

Training Video 3

Rebuild Gould Booster Pump with Paul kassander of Powerwash Store USA

Training Video 4

Surfactant. How and Why


Our Fantastic Team

Deliverables users, seamless beta-test implement tag.

Nick Hopkins

CEO & Marketing Manager

Nick Hopkins found “Softwashing” whilst trying to broaden the service portfolio of Excess Cleaning. As a small home based business operator providing Exterior Cleaning Services.

I wanted that silver bullet to clean houses, residential and commercial property and other structures that allowed me to offer clients a fast, safe, quality service that had a point of difference to traditional pressure washing. I stumbled onto Softwash and here we are.

I traveled to the USA where this new phenomenon was evolving quickly to obtain training, create relationships and see first hand what were the opportunities. Since then we have committed to bringing Softwashing to Australia.

My aim is to help you have a better business. One that suites you and does what you want it to do for you. We have sourced the best equipment and the latest technology, the best products and constantly look to broaden our training packages and Accredited program.

Thanks for taking the time.


Kim Hopkins


Kim Hopkins is an owner and director of Softwash Australia. With many years experience in a variety of fields such as accounts, law, NFP and small business management she brings great energy to everything she does. Totally a “glass half full” personality, Kim is ready to top your glass up anytime.

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