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 Softwash House & Roof Wash
Pre Treatment Unit

Looking to add softwash to your existing operation? Here is a simple Batch Softwash System with 2 Skid Options to choose from.

Featuring the reliable Gould Inline Booster Pump, Water Dragon Reel and 150 L Bulk tank, this allows you to spray and Rinse with the one hose.
Wash up to 3 stories, roof washing, house washing & flat-work pre-treatment option.

This simple Spray and Rinse system gives you all the advantages of the 240 V Booster Pump. A complete washing machine like nothing else on the market today.

No more 12V failures, Apply up to 3 story high and boost your town mains for the most powerful softwash rinse available.

Matched with the Water Dragon 12 Inch SS reel, 150 Litre batch tank, 75M  of 1/2 Inch Softwash hose, Chem resistant hand piece and JRod all built on a sturdy skid.

 2 Skid Options available 1200 X 800 or 1000 X 1000.

Visit our Resource Page to learn more about how Softwash Australia can save you time and money TODAY.