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12 Inch SS 12Volt Titan Hose Reel. Push the button and watch it take care of your hose.

Shown on Reel Stand (not included)

Tired at the end of a long day, dreading that wind up. Introducing the Electric Titan Hose Reel. You will fall in love with this bad boy

Titan 12 Inch (300 mm) Electric SS Hose Reels. These units are rust free and sturdy, able to take both Low pressure and High pressure hose assemblies.

Used and recommended by the USA Softwash industry, Titan have set the standard for reliable and tuff hardware for your Softwash build.

 Load up to 100 M of 3/8 Grey 2 Wire Hose or 75 M 1/2 Inch Low Pressure Hose.