Softwash exterior CLEANING SYSTEMS

By utilising our dedicated low pressure pump system we are able to apply a customised cleaning solutions to exteriors for the removal of mould, algae, dust, droppings, insect nests, cob webs and general dirt and staining.

Soft washing is an extremely fast, low impact service ideal for exterior building cleans whether residential or commercial. The ability to clean multi level and large areas quickly without the need for up-close, high pressure blasting will result in a longer lasting, more even finish without the dangers of paint or substrate damage.

Soft washing is the preferred cleaning method for such surfaces as:

• Residential and Commercial property washing
• Metal, Tile and Terracotta Roof Systems
• Canvas Awning and Shade sails
• Timber weatherboard, siding and older fragile paint systems.
• Modern architectural mouldings and facades
• Mould and algae treatments.

Consider the SOFT WASHING alternative whenever you think of Pressure washing.


We've proven it. Our high-quality, custom cleaning plants will enable you to hit to the ground running with a commercial exterior cleaning system that is far more efficient than pressure washing.

Sounds too good to be true? Softwash is backed by science and challenge anyone to find a more efficient cleaning solution!


Ready to start making money and saving time with softwash?

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The Softwash Hi Low Skid

Priced from $5K upwards, every skid is customised to your vehicle or trailer and is designed to work the way you need it to. All our products have been extensively tested. Full warranty and upgrade options are included!