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 Contain and minimise the area effected by land based spills of a wide variety of chemicals with Sukerup Hazchem Absorbent Booms. Absorbs acids, caustics, alkalis, oils and fuels. Absorbs up to 20 times its weight. Meets EPA requirements. Colour coded blue for easy recognition. Sold individually.

Dimensions 3000 × 75 mm

These 3m chemical sorbent booms contain large spills quickly. Simply place them on the ground in the path of the spill. To cover a larger spill from, simply join the 3m booms together by overlapping them by 200mm.

The smaller the spill, the smaller the problem and the quicker the clean up time. A fast cleanup get your team back to work quickly and reduces interruption to the workplace.

Chemical absorbent booms are an important part of any spill plan and a variety of booms are included in all Spill Station Australia spill kits.