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3 Storey Water-Fed Window Cleaning Package With 50m Hose Kit

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3 Storey Water-Fed Window Cleaning Package

Get jobs done quickly and easily with this complete water-fed package for 3-storey buildings. The SL-X 35 water-fed pole is great for 3-storey work that can be extended with the necessary extension pieces. Along with the 12.5L DI System on our sturdy, lightweight aluminium trolley, your window cleaning abilities will grow very quickly. 

Kit Includes:

  • Telescopic Pole: Gardiner SL-X35 Full Carbon Fibre to reach 3-story buildings. 
  • Pole Tip: Gardiner Quick-LoQ Brush Pole Tip to connect the pole and brush.
  • Brush: Gardiner Super-Lite Medium Mixed Brush comes ready to plug into your pole hose kit.
  • Pole Hose: Verdi Super Flex Pole Hose Kit (15m). You can run this internally or externally to your Gardiner SL-X35 pole.
  • Hose Reel: Claber Metal 40 hose reel with 50m of 6mm(id) Gardiner Minibore hose with quick connect fittings. 
  • Pure Water Treatment System: 12.5L Pure Water Trolley System has built-in Sediment and Carbon filters and comes filled with 12.5L of resin to get you going straight away.
  • Dual TDS Meter: Built into the trolley to quickly check the input and output TDS, critical to monitoring your resin's performance.
  • Lead Hose: 2x 1.5m of hose with fittings attached comes included to connect the tank to a water source.
  • Funnel: DI Resin Filling Funnel to fill your tank easily. The bottom of the funnel fits into the riser tube in all of our tanks for efficient resin filling.


When do I need to change the resin?

  • When the output TDS tests 20ppm or higher.

How much resin do I need to fill the tank?

  • 12.5L of resin is needed to fill the tank slightly underneath the tank head threads.

When do I need to change the Carbon Filter?

  • As a guide, change the carbon filter every 2nd time the resin is changed.

How do I change the resin?

  • Please see the video below


This video relates to the Home Owner's Package, but the principle is exactly the same:


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    3 Storey Water-Fed Window Cleaning Package With 50m Hose Kit
    3 Storey Water-Fed Window Cleaning Package With 50m Hose Kit

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