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12 Volt Hot Link - Portable add on Hot Water to your existing Pressure Wash System

 12v powered, wired to the battery on your pressure washer(minimum 14amp charging system)

"TeK Sheet"

Would you like your cold water pressure washer to be capable of spraying hot water?  Simply connect the Hot Link to you existing cold water pressure washer (up to 4350psi, up to 3.5 GPM) with the included 4' connection hose and you have the hot water you need to wash away any grease and grime efficiently. The Hot Link uses a diesel fired burner and schedule 80 steel pipe coil with ceramic insulation to efficiently provide 200 degree water.  The Hot Link is compact and rugged with a powder coated steel base/frame and stainless steel enclosure.

Dimensions: 29"L x 22"W x 22"H