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KMSi Seal C - Concentrate

5L = 20L RTU

20L = 80 L RTU

KMSi Seal is a water based siliconate sealer, used for sealing all types of porous limestone and concrete building materials.
Suitable for limestone and concrete retaining walls and plain grey concrete.
Not recommended for decorative concrete and other coloured materials.

Si Sealers - Siliconates, Silanes & Siloxanes

Si Chemistry: Si based water repellent sealers are usually applied in the form of siliconates, silanes and/or siloxanes. They are typically very small to medium sized molecules that when applied onto a substrate, penetrate deep below the surface. They chemically react with the substrate to form a cross-linked Si backbone polymer which repels water whilst still allowing vapour transmission.

Key advantages

    • Superior water repellence, providing excellent water based stain resistance

    • Reduces water ingress and minimises efflorescence in mineral substrates

    • Transparent, natural finish - does not significantly change appearance

    • High penetration into masonry surfaces

    • High wear resistance, UV stable, long life

    • Fungal and algal resistance

    • Easy to clean surfaces

    • Substrates remain breathable

    • Can be applied to damp or wet substrates