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SiF Sealers

SIF - KMSi Seal C - Concentrate

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KMSi Seal C - Concentrate

5L = 20L RTU

20L = 80 L RTU

- KMSi Seal is a water based siliconate sealer, used for sealing all types of porous limestone and concrete building materials.

- Suitable for limestone and concrete retaining walls and plain grey concrete.
Not recommended for decorative concrete and other coloured materials.

Si Sealers - Siliconates, Silanes & Siloxanes

Si Chemistry: Si-based water repellent sealers are usually applied in the form of siliconates, silanes and/or siloxanes. They are typically very small to medium sized molecules that when applied onto a substrate, penetrate deep below the surface. They chemically react with the substrate to form a cross-linked Si backbone polymer which repels water whilst still allowing vapour transmission.

Key advantages

    • Superior water repellence, providing excellent water-based stain resistance;
    • Reduces water ingress and minimizes efflorescence in mineral substrates;
    • Transparent, natural finish - does not significantly change appearance;
    • High penetration into masonry surfaces;
    • High wear resistance, UV stable, long life;
    • Fungal and algal resistance;
    • Easy to clean surfaces;
    • Substrates remain breathable;
    • Can be applied to damp or wet substrates.


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    SIF - KMSi Seal C - Concentrate

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