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NWC – House wash Mix designed for the professional exterior cleaner . House Wash Mix is a Butol based surfactant cleaning solution designed to remove environmental attachments, webs, nests,  and general grime from build exteriors.

Alkaline by state means it is suitable to mix with Sodium Hypochlorite / Pool Chlorine sanitizers to create a traditional softwash solution.


“NWC House Wash is a highly concentrated quality soap with degreasing properties.

It’s made specifically for washing the exterior of homes and other buildings. Works best when combined with a light SH solution.


For best results dilute 1:75 with water/sh solution. Ratio may be increased to 1:50 to tackle particularly dirty jobs.

Apply and allow time to dwell. Then wash and rinse with high volume, low pressure.

Avoid allowing to dry on glass or colorbond.”