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Si20-DS is a water based silicate and siliconate densifier-water repellent sealer for use on most types of porous limestone and concrete building materials.

Si Densifiers & Moisture Barriers – Silicates

Si Chemistry: Silicate based densifiers and moisture barriers are alkaline solutions containing soluble metal silicate salts. They are small molecules that when applied onto a substrate penetrate deep below the surface. They chemically react with cementitious substrates to form a cross-linked silicate polymer that permanently blocks substrate capillaries reducing the movement of water. The substrate becomes significantly denser, harder and stronger and is less susceptible to dusting.

Key advantages

    • Significantly increases density, hardness and strength

    • Excellent dust proofing of substrates

    • Significantly reduces movement of water

    • Minimises efflorescence

    • High penetration into masonry surfaces

    • High wear resistance, UV stable, long life

    • Can be applied to damp or wet substrates

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